Checkmate! Tough Dice Game

The impossible (yet so simple) dice game.

Play the game:



The number of moves until checkmate is:


  • Press the “Roll dice!” button to start.
  • Try and determine how many moves there are until checkmate.
  • Press the “Display Answer!” button to see if you are right.
  • Once you have figured it out, don’t spoil the fun for others!


This game is based on the “Petals Around the Rose” dice game. Both games are easy in the sense that once you know the “secret”, you can easily determine the answer in seconds. After hearing of this game, I was able to figure out the secret immediately. Just remember, as in “Petals Around the Rose”, the name of the game is important. Note however, you do not actually need to know anything about chess to figure out the secret.

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  1. how do you solve this one?

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  2. Great Game! I’m adding a link from my web site, so others can enjoy.

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