Your Momma is so… (Math Version)

A collection of “yo mama / your momma / your mom / your mama” (or whatever you want to call them) jokes – math style:

Your Momma is so dumb that she can’t even solve a second-order non-homogeneous differential equation!

Your Momma is like a protractor…..good at every angle.

Your Momma prefers 77 to 69 because she gets 8 more

Your Momma is so stupid she thought that e^(pi*i) was equal to -2.

Your Momma is so dumb, she thinks cosine is something you do on a loan.

Your Momma is so dumb she tried to use the Pythagorean theorem to solve an obtuse triangle.

Your Momma thinks square roots are vegetables.

Your Momma’s muscle to fat ratio can only be explained in irrational complex numbers.

The shortest distance between your momma and any given person is 50 cents.

The integral of your momma is fat plus a constant, where the constant is equal to more fat.

Your Momma is so fat, objects fall towards her at a rate of 9.8m/s^2.

Your Momma is so stupid she tried to find the total area of the graph under the function F(x)=sin x over the interval -1.

There is no finite sub cover which contains your momma, hence your momma is not compact.

Your Momma is slightly less attractive than the average woman in her age bracket!

Your Momma’s so fat she has a proper subgroup isomorphic to herself.

Your Momma’s easier than finding a trivial solution.

Your Momma has 11 fingers and 15 toes and STILL cannot count to 26!

Your Momma so fat, it takes her an hour to watch 60 minutes!

Suppose your momma is skinny, then there exists a domain her ass fits in. Contradiction, hence she has a huge ass.

I saw your momma on channel 7, and when I changed to channel 25 you could still see her ass sticking out.

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  1. Your Momma’s easier than finding a trivial solution.

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  2. Your momma’s so fat, the escape velocity at her surface exceeds 3×10^8 m/s.

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  3. 🙁 so confusling 👿

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  4. suckit, whatanass 👿 👿 👿 :mrgreen:

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