Facebook sucks at math

I was goofing off on Facebook when I decided to look into it’s advertising system. I got to a page that asked for a bunch of information. I decided to target people with the following particulars:

  • 18+ years old
  • College Grad
  • Majored in Mathematics (of course :D)

It also asked for countries to target. I put in Canada and the United States and at the bottom of the screen it said:
164,400 people

  • who live in one of the countries: Canada or United States

Then I decided I would add China to the list of countries. The reason
for this is because I wanted to target MORE people!! But as soon as I
added China, the bottom of the screen said:

161,260 people

  • who live in one of the countries: Canada, United States or China

facebook-fail-2.pngBy adding China, the number of people went down! Epic FAIL on Facebook’s behalf!

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  1. Facebook is banned in China.

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  2. Thus causing their numbers to substract instead of adding? lol

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