Girls are dumb at math

Oh jeez, with a title like that I’m sure to get my ass kicked :-\

tests in Canada, women who were told that men and women do math equally
well did much better than those who were told there is a genetic
difference in math ability.

And women who heard there were
differences caused by environment — such as math teachers giving more
attention to boys — outperformed those who were simply reminded they
were females.

The women who did better in the tests got nearly
twice as many right answers as those in the other groups, explained
Steven J. Heine, a psychology professor at the University of British
Columbia in Vancouver.

The math study was done a couple years ago from 2003-2006. Heine and
Dar-Nimrod wanted to see how people are affected by stereotypes about
themselves. They took 220 women and divided them into 4 groups and gave
them math and reading tests. The results were published in the journal

way they did the experiment was to give the women a math test, then
have them read an essay, then give them another math test. In
two groups the women averaged between five and 10 correct answers out
of 25 math questions. In the other two they averaged between 15 and 20

The women in the lower socring groups read essays
about the ‘genetic difference between men and women in math ability’ or
read an essay about the ‘images of women in art’ (which reminds them
they are female but didn’t discuss math). These two groups had a
decreased performance between the two math tests. Thus… reminding
people of the stereotype affects them.

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  1. this information is STUPID! i myself am good at math.
    nobody can say that girls are dumb at math.they are really good.

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  2. I agree, but the main point of the research study is that telling someone how they should act/think really does have an effect on someone!

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  3. good results

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  4. I quite frankly think this is bullshit, and I am a guy, and I despise math with a burning passion. Well, I suppose that would be okay, if I were GOOD at it. So back to why this is garbage: I find every single person on this planet as a mental equivalent. I sound like an asshole already, dispersing math terms…Yeah, so thats my only reason. Everyone is a mental equal. Everyone. Girls are neither “good”, nor “bad” at math, just like guys.

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