How many girls are there for me?

Hey guys,

I don’t have a girlfriend but I don’t think there is anything wrong with me, hahaha… but being the mathematician that I am, let’s look to see how many girls exactly would be a match for me 😀

I went onto Wolfram|Alpha and looked up the female population on the planet and got:

Female population on earth in 2009:

But I am looking for a girl who is in North America. Restricting this number to Canada and the United States gives:

171, 230, 000 girls

BUT she must also be around my age and preferably younger (or at most 1 year older). Say, from 25-29 years old. That leaves:

11, 415, 000 girls

But about half of these girls are already married or in a common-law relationship. Thus, that leaves:

5, 707, 500 girls

And further, about 11% of women are not interested in men (i.e. lesbian or other). That leaves:

5, 079, 675 girls

Being a mathematician, I want a girl who is smart. About 85% of the girls in North America are complete dumb asses, hence the number of girls left is:

761, 951 girls

I don’t want no ugly kids, and given my appearance, the girl better be
pretty! Only about 15% of the girls fall in this category, thus we get:

114, 292 girls

But the girl must also like me. To see what kind of statistic is
reasonable, I went to the local bar and chatted with 10 girls. Then at
the end I asked them if they liked me based on my appearance and our
conversation. Only 1 girl said yes, the other 9 said no (unfortunately
the 1 girl who said yes went home with my friend :-S). Thus, only 10%
of the girls will like me. That leaves:

11, 429 girls

Further, I have two sisters and a few other relatives who would fall
into the above categories, and who I prefer not to marry. So taking
away these 10-15 people gives:

11, 414 girls

WOW! So in this world there is 11,414 girls that would like me and
would marry me. That’s actually a lot (in my mind). Now if only there
is a way to meet them, hmmm.

I thought it would also be very interesting to see how many GUYS there are for me and compare… you can read that calculation at my next entry:

“How many GUYS are there for me?”
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