How many guys are there for me?

Hey guys,

Based on my previous post of “How many girls are there for me,” I thought it would be interesting to see how many guys there are for me. So hypothetically let’s pretend I am gay and a top (if you don’t know what that means you should get some more gay friends lol). Just a recap that I found out in the last post that:

11, 414 girls

are suitable matches for me.

Now, some of my stats I used from counting the number of girls for me still hold. The male population on the planet is about:

Male population on earth in 2009:

But I am looking for a boy who is in North America. Restricting this number to Canada and the United States gives:

171, 230, 000 boys

He must also be around my age. Say, from 25-29 years old. That leaves:

11, 415, 000 boys

But about half of these boys are already married or in a common-law relationship. Thus, that leaves:

5, 707, 500 boys

And further, about 89% of men are not interested in men (i.e. straight or other). That leaves:

627, 825 boys

Being a mathematician, I want a boy who is smart. But a lot of gay guys are actually smart (unlike the other post which quoted: 85% of girls in North America are complete dumb asses). Only about 50% of gay guys are complete dumbasses, thus that leaves:

313, 912 boys

I don’t want no ugly man! Thank god that a lot of gay guys take
care of their appearance and work out at the gym. About 40% of gay guys
don’t, so that leaves:

188, 347 boys

But the boy must also like me. To see what kind of statistic is
reasonable, I went to the local gay bar and chatted with 10 boys. Then
the end I asked them if they liked me based on my appearance and our
conversation. An outstanding 7 boys said yes and wanted to go back to
my place. But upon further asking, 5 of them didn’t want an actual
relationship with me. So, only about 20% of the boys actually like me
and would date me. That leaves:

37, 669 boys

Finally, as I said at the top, hypothetically speaking I would be a
“top” gay. So, assuming that 50% are also tops, that would leave me

18, 834 boys

Holy cow!! WTF!? So only 11, 414 girls would make a perfect match with
me, but if I were gay, an outstanding 18, 834 boys would make a perfect
match with me! Damn, I better reconsider my options LOL.

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