Silly math test

Test your mathematics by answering the following questions (no peaking below):

1. Noah built it.
2. An expression that represents the loss of a parrot.
3. An appropriate title for Koll the knight.
4. A sunburned man.
5. What we do when it rains.
6. What you call someone who wrote for an Inn.
7. What the Captain said when his ship was attacked.
8. What a baby acorn says to his mother about his home.
9. What one does to trees which are in the way.
10. What you do if with yarn and needles.
11. April Fool’s pranks that are a month late.
12. Minnie’s mother?
13. When you multiply something by itself three times.
14. The musical beat for cutting tree limbs.
15. What a police dog does while looking for a woman criminal.
Answers below:
1. Arc
2. Polygon
3. Circle
4. Tangent
5. Coincide
6. Inscribe
7. Decagon
8. Geometry
9. Axiom
10. Unit
11. Matrix
12. Minimum
13. Cubit
14. Logarithm
15. Centre

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