When to get married

Do you know when to get married?

When you meet someone, how do you know you won’t find someone better? Love aside, let’s look at this from a mathematical viewpoint.

Suppose you are a guy, and are interested in say… girls. Let’s say over the course of your life you meet 100 girls and each girl is ranked by how good of a mate she would be with you. The obvious solution is to just meet each of the 100 girls and pick the one that is ranked the highest. BUT… by the time you met all 100, you will be an old geezer and on your death bed. So what is one to do?
Mathematicians have already worked out all the details. They say that
the best choice is to wait until meeting 37 of the 100 girls (more
specifically: 36.7879441). So just more than a third of the way into
your dating life you should get married. [For your information, the
number 0.367879441 is actually 1/e.]

So assuming that the dating
range for men is like… 20 to 50, a man had about 30 years to find a
wife. Since 30/e ~= 11, that means a man should get married around the
age of 31. By that age, he would have met a girl who ranks high enough
in his books :-D.

Considering most of my friends got married
before they were 21, I’d say they definitely weren’t worried about the
mathematics behind it.

Source: John Gilbert and Frederick Mosteller, Recognizing the maximum of a sequence. J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. 61 1966 35–73.
Link: http://www.jstor.org/stable/2283044?seq=1

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