XKCD book is out

That’s right folks, the first ever XKCD book is now officially out and available. It’s available in the xkcd store for a price of $18.
The author, Randall Munroe, says…

been fun putting it all together. It was neat to go back through
various huge stacks of old drawings, some on the back of school
assignments, and scan them at print resolution. I also had fun with the
marginal notes. I’m really excited to finally have it in print, and I’m
looking forward to seeing people and signing copies at the release
events this weekend. I’m also excited about getting back to work on
some other projects which have been on hold for a bit, at least one of
which will involve lakes and a recently-acquired Arduino.”

the book is being published by BreadPig, a company founded by Randall’s
friend, and their portion of the profits will go to build a school in

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