Advice about sex from mathies

The following page has been making the internet rounds. It’s titled sex advice from mathematicians. Here is one such quote from the page:

What’s the best way to pick up a mathematician?

It depends on the mathematician. As you would expect,
mathematicians vary across the full spectrum of personalities. The
stereotypical mathematician is shy, so I wouldn’t come on too strong.
Buy him or her a drink (or a nice pen and pad of paper). Repeat until
they’ve thawed enough and then simply listen. People like to talk, even
if at first they resist, mathematician or not. You could go another
direction with the shy and just start off with a little playful dirty
talk. Keep it classy but make it sexy and be sure to exude confidence.
Sex talk cleverly done via analogy always gets me, especially if she
can keep up the wit with a straight face.

Yup yup. But in my experience, there isn’t many mathematicians around me right now who fit the stereotype. At the previous university I was at, there was LOTS!

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