Webcomics – the usual ghosts – Peebles Lab

1. the usual ghosts

It’s a comic about life, science and ghosts. Sometimes has potty humor. Sometimes is geeky in the sciencey kind of way. Not very mathy though :-|, and doesn’t seem to update often.

My favorite from that site (click to visit the site):

Another good one from “the usual ghosts”:

2. Peebles Lab

Physics related webcomic. Very mathy. Also very good. I”ll probably write more about it in the future ^_^. Check out a sample below which starts a short series called the “Derivative Series”. It’s a fun read.

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  1. Hey thanks for the shoutout! Glad to see you like the site.

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  2. hey, I didn’t realize someone else other than myself was reading my “comics”. Thanks for sharing it. My life as a graduate student has awarded me with no time to pen down anything since a while.

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