14 year old math prodigy offered a place at Cambridge University

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In London, 14 year old Arran Fernandez has been offered a place at Cambridge University. He passed his exams set by the University last year and just has to pass his physics exam to officially enrol. If he accepts the offer at Cambridge, it’ll make him the youngest student to attend for almost 230 years!

A quote from teen:

“I’d like the solve the
Riemann hypothesis”

Best of luck with that! Let’s hope you are more successful then the rest of us!
Note: Read the quote again… shouldn’t it say “I’d like to solve the Riemann hypothesis”? A google search for that quote (in quotations) says that most news sites report THE and not TO:

  Results 110 of about 233 for “I’d like the solve the Riemann hypothesis”.

  Results 19 of 9 for “I’d like to solve the Riemann hypothesis”.

If it’s not a misquote then this kid truly is a mathematical genius!! Hats off to eccentricity!

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