The average person has one testicle and one ovary…

The first one is how to cheer up your friend…

spiked math one testicle comic

Just don’t tell him he should have one ovary 😛

statistics show one testicle and one ovary

This actually appeared in a textbook…

yahoo answers fail

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  1. Of course the average person (sex undefined) has both one testicle and one ovary, if you accept that there is an equal number of men and women on the earth – between them, they do.

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  2. Lol I have the same textbook, it actually does say that the average adult has one ovary and one testicle.

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  3. I rushed to my computer when this random factoid popped up in my Psychology text book. It would now appear it was just making a point about how numbers can be presented and how carefully one must look at stats, facts and numbers. Of course those averages are accurate when one considers that the population is comprised of 50% males and 50% females.

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  4. Literally have the same textbook right in front of me. 😮

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