Some math fails

26 billion will tune in!


Answer fail


I don’t understand basic math…


The “six” of diamonds


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  2. lol, 26 billion. I’ve seen one thing in a local newspaper where it said that among the U.S. flag that was about to be put on the moon, there will be a flag specially for our country too. LOL

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  3. Taylor:
    The answer is $1.00.
    The original price of the apple ($1.00) is increased by 50%, so $1.00 + 50% (that is, half of a dollar) = $1.50.
    The next step is to reduce the price of the apple WHICH IS NOW $1.50 by 50%. So 50% of $1.50 is $0.75, which subtracted from $1.50 is $0.75.

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  4. Taylor made me cry…

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