Arithmetic vs Math

Via Slim Figures:

slim figures math comic

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  1. Disagree! With math, you get to make up the rules (I think 1+1+1=0). If math isn’t intuitive, you’re doing it wrong. And, if someone else can’t check your answer, it’s not an answer.

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  2. this is not arithmethic, this is synthaxic rules…
    These rules are tools that permit to make the calculation more easily and it is very complex to build these kind of tools that permit to “think” instead of you…
    You just need to apply the calculation rules and it’s over.
    The multiplication tool was invented not before the 17th century for exemple..

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  3. “If math isn’t intuitive, you’re doing it wrong.”
    Say that to Banach and Tarski! There are so many examples of maths being counter-intuitive.

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  4. I agree with most of it except the whole learning rules thing.
    The best thing about math is that you only have to know very few simple things and can derive the rest.

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  5. Arithmetic IS math. It is the exercise of a specific
    example of group theory. Yes, it is limited in scope.
    It also happens to be particularly useful.
    And then there is number theory, much of which is
    “only” based on arithmetic operations.

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  6. Regardless of whether one agrees with the image or not, I think the creator’s idea was to point out for all persons that say “I’m good at math” just because they can sum stuff quickly in their head (shopping list, sum of multiple die rolls etc)- I agree with the definitions in that case, they are not good at math just because they can sum information, they are good at arithmetic. At least that was how I interpreted it 😉

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