A riddle for you

Riddle for you guys created and sent in by Nick P:

One and one and two and three.
N is four and five and six
Don’t try to just sum me up
What am I?

A few discrete and jokeful hints:
1.) It’s not that hard. It’s just a sequence of hints you need to follow, the ands are just additions to make things easier.
2.) Fib or not: cheese is damn good.

Credit: Nick P.

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  1. The best I can come up with is that you are a ‘Certified Ethical Hacker’. Probably way off. Please post the answer soon, Nick P., or I’m going to go crazy.

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  2. Sure looks like a Fibonacci sequence to me.

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  3. That is certainly hint 2. Fib-o(r)-no(t)-chee(se)

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  4. I’ll give you one last hint that’ll help you solve it instantly:

    IT’S JUST A SEQUENCE of hints you need to follow, THE ANDS ARE JUST ADDITIONS to make things easier.

    Now you should be able to get it with no more than 2 more guesses.

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  5. Hmm… Is it the 15th (four and five and six) element of Fibonacci sequence?

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  6. I.e. 610?

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