Facebook and math don’t mix


Maybe they should lower the difficulty of these quizzes.

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  1. The new thing would be to type it into Google and see what that gives, because it does correctly give 10. I suppose people would assume Google is wrong too though…

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  2. Totally going to try this! Is it depressing or hilarious? I can’t decide.

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  4. Wolfram Alpha says 10, but it all depends on the operator hierarchy convention you have chosen…


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  5. Okay, I can understand why people would put 0 if left-to-right operations were used. But 20? Seriously?

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  6. I actually find it refreshing that most people got it correct. Ignorant people tend to speak first so I am not at all bothered by the comments. The banter might have even saved a few of the innumerate so it was all worthwhile.

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