Math test expectations


This has happened to me on multiple occasions 🙁

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  1. Sean Sather-Wagstaff

    sin? or sin(x)? or sin(t)? srsly.

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  2. Yeah, as much as I like the picture, the statements make no sense. Maybe upside-down L means something (pretty sure it does), but just having sin and not sin of anything is plain sinful.

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  3. @ above comment: That “upside-down L” is a capital gamma. I think I’ve heard of something called the gamma function. It’s probably that.

    Really, though, it wasn’t meant to be anything real. Just supposed to look “mathy” and complex

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  4. The statement makes sense if you switch the two lines und then remove the line break. pi*s/2 is supposed to be the argument of the sine function and the whole thing is the functional equation of the Riemann zeta function 🙂

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