Maths, MEJJI or Magic?


Talking Maths, it occured to me that mathematics professors as well as accountants would struggle if the numbers they have been so used to were temporarily replaced with unfamiliar symbols. This is because, as opposed to the analytical and logical thinking which has served them thus far and sharpened their left-brains, they would suddenly be thrust into a right-brain dilemma, needing to comprehend unfamiliar symbols.

This was my experience solving MEJJI without the numbers. I further got an accountant friend to try to solve one of the MEJJI puzzles. After trying for a fair bit of time, he apologised and said, he was getting slightly confused. I explained, it wasn’t confusion, he was just very used to working with numbers.

You ought to try it for yourself and see if your right brain is ready for the challenge… Let me know…

I also tried the app and loving it, with different styles to play with. It’s got Magic written all over it!

MEJJI’s got my thumbs up!


Credit: Ellen James, PhD

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