The math genius pyramid


See if you can figure them out.


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  1. Sean Sather-Wagstaff

    fail. only two women.

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  2. Why do i have feeling that this is Hogwart’s staff?

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  3. Is the solution or any hints available?

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  4. Newton and Gauss on top, Euler underneath of them. Descartes on the right (holding the white sheet) and Leibniz to his left.

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    I think (in addition to Newton, Gauß, Euler and Leibniz, who have already been mentioned) Jacobi and Hilbert are quite easily recognizable. If you know a little bit about maths, you can also spot Fermat, Möbius and Klein without ever having seen a picture of them before.

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  6. Also: Weierstraß, Dedekind and H. A. Schwarz should totally be in this picture!

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  7. (5th, bottom row)WTF??? is that mozart???

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  8. Euler should be top. He was the greatest of all time!!!!!

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