Homework Compounding Fail

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Math Fail

Seems to be a $405.43 bankers fee. From my hybrid Calculus 2 class.

Submitted by: Matthew Wilkins

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  1. Totally can’t read this one. Any chance of a bigger image or an original source?

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  2. I’m with Joshua… can’t see this at all.

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  3. Ditto…

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  4. WTF. Who posted this? Can see it. Not funny. Waste of time.

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  5. Resize fail!

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  6. Can’t Read it. Make it bigger next time. Thanks

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  7. 😳
    Fixed now, I made it link to the larger image.

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  8. still don’t get it!?
    The 17114,22 seems correct to me, but the 9,9 should be log(2) /log(1,07) = 10,24

    Is that the fail?

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