1 orange = 2 oranges


With this technique, you can make a lot of orange juice!

Source: http://wtfscience.com/orange-multiplication/

Credit: WTF Science

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  1. There is no problem with the math: dividing by 2, you get 2*0.5.(Although, when you normally divide, you don’t keep the divisor, only the quotient. But not in this case.) When you divide by 0.5, you get 2*0.5/0.5 = 2.

    The only problem I see is how you would divide by 0.5. Or an even faster method would just be to multiply directly instead of going through an intermediary step. I WANT THE POWER TO MULTIPLY OBJETS !

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  2. Otto Bob Otto

    “Dividing by two” is not the same as “Splitting in two and keeping both parts” One divided by two is 1/2. And that’s it. Not two halves. One, split in two, is two halves. Hope that helps, and is clear enough.

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  3. No reference to the Banach-Tarski paradox? Disappointed.

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