Travelling Salesman – Official Trailer

It might be interesting, we’ll see. Quote from YT:

“TRAVELLING SALESMAN is an intellectual thriller about four of the world’s smartest mathematicians hired by the U.S. government to solve the most elusive problem in computer science history — P vs. NP. The four have jointly created a “system” which could be the next major advancement for humanity or the downfall of society.

As the mathematicians are about to sign documents that will give the government sole and private ownership of their solution, they wrestle with the moral dilemma of how their landmark discovery will be used.”

Video Source: YouTube.

Website for the movie:

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  1. If you freeze frame it at 1:23 (link here:, you can even see they’re using Metasploit.

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  2. oh … wait… you’re serious about this movie?

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