Math fail at the Indy 500!


Apparently 223.868 mph is slower than 223.684 … go figure.

Thanks to Michel Alexandre Salim for this submission!


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  1. I wonder if it might be the peak speeds achieved, ranked by actual lap times. Like how quarter miles are ranked by elapsed time, but they also note the top speed at the end, which could result in different rankings if the top speed was the target.

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    • If the average speed is not just (lap time)/(statutory track length), but rather computed from car telemetry data, one driver could have passed the finish line slightly later and taken a slightly longer course around the track to be faster yet come in later, especially since the difference is very slight.

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  2. This is math-fail fail.

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  3. Those numbers correlate to seconds not mph 223.868 is a slower TIME than 223.684.

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