New York Mayor doesn’t know what even numbers are

Just listen to how the New York Mayor describes the even numbers and the number 0 in his speech about fuel rationing. Its at about 50 – 55 seconds into this clip from the BBc news site

Thanks to Greg Bradley – BBC News for this submission!


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  1. Maybe the mayor was thinking of Roulette? When you bet on even or odd in Roulette, you get nothing when the zero comes up.

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  2. So you only post this here because of the phrase “even numbers or zero”?

    Yes, “even” automatically includes “zero”. But not all people know that (cat in microwave? hot coffee?), so he specifically includes that into “even numbers”. Just in case. Before the dumb ones can even start debating whether “or not” zero is even.

    Or do you mean the whole idea of “splitting”, which is quite questionable? Still not supposed to be here, since there are a few arguments supporting his point…

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  3. I have to agree – this hardly seems post-worthy.

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  4. even numbers or zero = Even numbers is {x\in\mathbb{N}|x mod 2 = 0} and 0 is not in \mathbb{N}

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