Mathematical Brain Teaser #3

If you didn’t focus on mathematics today, you should at least keep the gears in motion by trying to solve this mathematical puzzle.

You are blindfolded, then given a deck of cards in which 23 of the cards have been flipped up, then inserted into the deck randomly (you know this). Without taking the blindfold off, rearrange the deck into two stacks such that both stacks have the same number of up-flipped cards. (You are allowed to flip as many cards as you please).

What’s your solution?

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  1. How many cards are in a full deck? 52? Or doesn’t it matter?

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  2. Simple.

    Split it into two stacks for size 23 and 29 each. Lets say x flipped cards are in the first stack. Second stack contains 23-x flipped cards.

    Flip all the cards in the 23 stack. Now it contains 23 – (23-x) = x flipped cards.

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