Math websites and Aprils Fools day

The first is xkcd, who is apparently trying to give us all headaches by turning every comic into 3D looking:

headache xkcd april fools

As you move your mouse around the boxes/perspective changes.

Next, Wolfram|Alpha is apparently now Bieber|Beta:

bieber beta

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April Fools 2011: Complex Numbers in Math Class

Following up from his video last year, Matthew Weathers (who
teaches in the Math Department of Biola University) did another video trick for his Nature of Math



If you miss his video last year, you can check it out here:



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Math Trick

Hopefully you know how these tricks work already. It takes non-mathies a LONG time to discover how the following trick works!! (and usually they have to ask one of us to figure it out):

flash mind reader

Flash Mind Reader

Regifting robin

Regifting Robin

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Gauss Facts

Crosspost from SpikedMath:

Spiked Math Comic - Gauss Facts

Gauss Facts (much like Chuck Norris Facts) are short and absurd claims about Gauss’s intelligence. I believe they originated with Matt J Heath’s post and then later Ian posted a bunch.

You can submit your own at

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Quick Puzzles

Can you cut a cake in 8 pieces with just three slices?

The following multiplication problem uses each number 0-9 only once. What are the missing numbers for *?

2** X *4 = **0**

What is the difference between half a dozen dozen and six dozen dozen? (It’s not nothing).

The following equation is wrong: 101 – 102 = 1.
Move one numeral to make it correct.

Two girls wish to cross a river. The only way to get to the other side is by boat, but that boat can only take one girl at a time. The boat cannot return on its own, there are no ropes or similar tricks, yet both girls manage to cross using the boat. How?

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Quick jokes

Question: What’s the difference between Gabriel’s horn and a vuvuzela?

Answer: Gabriel’s horn has infinite length and finite volume, while a vuvuzela has finite length and infinite volume.

You know what I find odd?

Integers that leave a remainder of 1 when divided by 2.

In the final question of an oral final exam, a student was asked to find the limit (to infinity) of the
following sequence:

I know,
I know that you know,
I know that you know that I know,
I know that you know that I know that you know,

Dazzled, all the student could think of  was, “I don’t know”.

The professor, equally baffled, replied, “Seriously? Come on. It’s common knowledge!”

Heisenberg’s wife: “I can’t find my keys!”

Heisenberg: “You must know too much about their momentum.”

Student: ”Would you like the window opened or closed?”

Mathematician: ”Yes.”

pi mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders (e^1 – pi) beers, the second one orders (e^2 – pi) beers, and so on. When the last one comes up, the bartender decides to be generous and gives him twenty beers.

Did you know that the “B” in Benoit B. Mandelbrot stands for ‘Benoit B. Mandelbrot’?

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Stats pics

Stats pics

Stats pics

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Samurai Sudoku

samurai sudoku

The Samurai Sudoku puzzle is a variation of Sudoku except it consists of 5 sudokus which are linked via the centre one. It’s definitely a good challenge. (Source).

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Futurama Math Proof

In the Futurama episode The Prisoner of Benda Ken Keeler displays and proves an original theorem in order to advance the plot of the episode.

futurama proof

In the episode, the professor invents a machine that swaps the minds
of two people, but the swap can only happen once for a given pair of
people. The problem posed is:

Given a group of people with swapped minds (with some swapped several times), is it possible to return each mind to their original bodies?
What are necessary conditions?

The theorem provided by Futurama is now named the “Futurama Theorem” and has its own entry on wikipedia! The theorem states that, no matter how many individuals have swapped minds with one another, everyone’s mind can be returned to his or her original body by using only two additional individuals (who have yet to swap minds with anyone).

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99 cent store sued for raising prices to 99.99 cents


The discount chain 99 Cent Only Stores decided to increase their prices to 99.99 cents (that’s less than a penny increase) and as a result were sued by its customers. The chain was hit with two class-action lawsuits last year for “deceptive business practices” and “misleading advertising”.

One lawyer says, “If they call themselves 99 Cents Only, it should be 99 cents.”
However, the CEO claims that: “we changed all the signs, we have a large poster in the window of every store explaining the increase, we put it in our ads in the newspaper, we put it on the radio…”

That 0.99 cent increase was projected to bring in an additional $12 million in revenue annually!!

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