11 thoughts on “Never divide by zero… Ever!”

  1. dividing by zero like (2/0) means that the answer is undefined… the answer wouldnt be 0 because 0x0 doesnt equal 2….so you simply can never divide by zero

  2. beinga sophmore has nothing to do with it…i new that rule since seventh grade…maybe its because you are immature and use ‘jesticles’ as your username…that could be why you dont know simple things

  3. Megan, next time you go insulting someone, try and sound intelligent when you do so. “beinga,” “sophmore,” and “new” are all incorrect. (They should be “being a,” “sophomore,” and “knew.” Either way, it should have been “I’ve known.”) I’m even giving you a pass on using lower-case for “I,” because that has become socially acceptable on the Internet. Nonetheless, know what you’re talking about before you insult someone.

  4. Jonny,

    Infinite is not a number, but rather a concept. Do the community a favor and go back and pass calc I. 🙂

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