Square root of 2 = 2

With my YouTube-Video I will demonstrate that “2 = Square root of 2”. Where is the mistake? In spite of the fact that the text of this proof is written in German, you could understand it without knowledge of this language. Thanks to Ortmar Buss (ojbuss) for this submission! Source:


Thanks to anon for this submission! Source:

Maths Dingbats

This is one of my favourite maths dingbats (quite an easy one!) It’s one of over 50 maths dingbats on the website – some easy, some pretty tough. Source:

SMBC – Math exam question

Alt text: Graph jokes are this generation’s knowing how to draw Thanks to anonymouse for this submission! Source:

I know 50

Daniel would like you to know that he knows 50 digits of pi. He uses groups of 5: 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510 This is all he knows and he is going to see how far he can get! Thanks to Daniel Dercksen for this submission!

Vectors and (the) force

Math and Star Wars… Thanks to LanceAF for this submission! Source:

Priority peter meme

Sorry ladies, there is only one tan I care about! Thanks to Anon for this submission! Source:

“Mostly” isn’t most if you put “only” in front.

Some of the words were obscured here because the slightly NSFW nature of the subject matter distracts from the Math Fail. Refer to the original source if you’re not squeamish. Thanks to Anon. for this submission! Source: