Quick math joke

Saw this joke on the xkcd forums today posed by Pippin: Two of my friends in math class today: “Dude, our slope is so undefined!” “Straight up, bro.” Spoiler hint: What is the slope of a horizontal straight line? Another one from that forum: Why don’t jokes work in base 8? Because 7 10 11.

The Spinning Dancer Illusion

The illusion was created by web designer Nobuyuki Kayahara and the question is “Which direction is the dancer spinning?” That is, is the dancer is spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Introduction Every person has their own way of perceiving how things happen. In this case, the spinning dancer illusion is a shadow of a female spinning …

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Square root of 2 = 2

With my YouTube-Video I will demonstrate that “2 = Square root of 2”. Where is the mistake? In spite of the fact that the text of this proof is written in German, you could understand it without knowledge of this language. Thanks to Ortmar Buss (ojbuss) for this submission! Source:


Thanks to anon for this submission! Source: