Cool Facts

Math vs. Maths

Just so everyone is clear: The only truly relevant difference between “math” and “maths” is usage. “Maths” is commonly used in Great Britain, while “math” is standard in the US. Read more at Math vs. Maths « The Word Detective.

Fibonacci Foolishness

Donald E. Simanek has a nice Fibonacci webpage where he discusses some of the foolish claims that others make. You may have seen tons of those Fibonacci meme type images on the interwebz recently. David says: Of course much of this is patently nonsense. Mathematics doesn’t “explain” anything in nature, but mathematical models are very …

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The Quadratic Formula

There was a negative Boy, who was confused about whether or not he should go to a radical party. The Boy was square, so he missed out on 4 Awesome Chicks and he cried until the party was over at 2 Am. Hint: x=[-b +/- sqrt(b^2-4ac)]/2a (Source)

Fun pi facts

Using pi calculated out to only 39 decimal places would allow one to compute the circumference of the entire universe to the accuracy of less than the diameter of a hydrogen atom. 3.14 backwards is PIE. The letter Ï€ is the first letter of the Greek word “periphery” and “perimeter.” The symbol Ï€ in mathematics …

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Your momma…

Here’s a joke I made just for you guys! Your momma’s ass so big it’s bigger than a morass with gap 1,000,000! What’s a morass you ask? Well… in axiomatic set theory, a morass is an infinite combinatorial structure that is used to create huge structures from a “small number of small approximations”. Jensen defined …

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