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Happy birthday Hawking, happy death day Galileo

Just a note that today is Stephen Hawking’s birthday and also Galileo’s death day. Galileo Galilei Born: Feb 15th, 1564 (Pisa) Died: Jan 8th, 1642 (Arcetri) Stephen William Hawking Born: Jan 8th, 1942 (Oxford)Died: Should have died five decades ago. Hawking’s birth occurred on the 300th anniversary of Galileo’s death! Hawking says, “Galileo, perhaps more …

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Perfect Pizza Slicing

This has honestly been all over the internet. EVERY single blog/website I read had this — boing boing, slashdot, digg, digg again, mixx, reddit (posted 4 times actually), among with a billion other sites. PIZZA MATH!!! PIZZA MATH!!! PIZZA MATH!!! AHHHH. Enough with the stupid pizza slicing!!. Anyways, if you seriously haven’t seen this yet …

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