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Cool Math Games

The net has a great amount of interactive cool maths games. Below are a few sites worth taking a look at. Most of the math games are fun for all ages and they are all absolutely free. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Top 10 list of geeky math comics / webcomics

I’m a math geek, so I enjoy reading the occasional comic strip that’s math-related. Here is my list of the top 10 webcomics/comics that I read on a regular basis: 1. Foxtrot – Surely, everyone knows this one. It occasionally has a lot of math humor but is currently on a Sunday only publication schedule. …

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Programming and Sin & Cos

Programming and mathematics are strongly interlinked. If you don’t see the connection yet, you should read this very interesting article about it. For more, click here. In this article I shall discuss several game programming techniques, all revolving around a central theme: the sine and cosine functions. This article will explain sine, cosine, vectors, atan2, …

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Impressive collection of math websites

If you were looking for the ultimate collection of math tools and websites, you’re in luck. This awesome graphic is not only extremely easy to use, but it is also exactly what you need to spice up your math class, as the author mentioned. You can find it at