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Math Sex Toys

Excellent piece from the CosMATHpolitan issue created by the MathNews people (which was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License). Source:


The May 2011 issue of the University of Waterloo’s mathNEWS: Check out the full issue of CosMATHpolitan by clicking the pdf link at the bottom of their site (CosMATHpolitan).

A Mathematician’s Survival Guide

Check out Prof Peter Casazza’s A Mathematician’s Survival Guide (or get it in pdf format here). An excerpt is given here: Mathematician’s relationship with the general public most closely resembles “bipolar” disorder – at the same time they admire us and hate us. Almost everyone has had at least one bad experience with mathematics during …

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Math Trick

Hopefully you know how these tricks work already. It takes non-mathies a LONG time to discover how the following trick works!! (and usually they have to ask one of us to figure it out): Flash Mind Reader Regifting Robin

Dieting the math way

This is a pretty genius post by Ξ over at the 360 blog. Ξ talks about different kinds of “mathematical diets”, such as the Harmonic diet, Zeno diet, Banach-Tarski diet and Fibonacci diet. Go check it out!

Klein bottles

Klein Poem: A mathematician named Klein Thought the Möbius Loop was divine Said he, “If you glue The edges of two You get a weird bottle like mine.” Check out this cool klein mug. Also, this “klein” bottle opener: