Cool Websites

Dieting the math way

This is a pretty genius post by Ξ over at the 360 blog. Ξ talks about different kinds of “mathematical diets”, such as the Harmonic diet, Zeno diet, Banach-Tarski diet and Fibonacci diet. Go check it out!

Klein bottles

Klein Poem: A mathematician named Klein Thought the Möbius Loop was divine Said he, “If you glue The edges of two You get a weird bottle like mine.” Check out this cool klein mug. Also, this “klein” bottle opener:

Math Forums

Hi guys, For all you math geeks out there I decided to create a forum for math geeks to unite and discuss math and more math! (Of course, any one can join even if you aren’t a math geek). So if you’re bored and looking for something to do, feel free to check them out …

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Inverse graphing calculator

This is neat… the Inverse Graphing Calculator is like a backwards graphing calculator where you type something as your curve like “MATH FAIL”: and the IGC outputs an equation whose graph is the phrase: Sweet!

LaTeX Search

This may be useful… LaTeXSearch is a (free) service provided by Springer which allows the ability to search fo LaTeX code within publications. They use some sort of “similarity” algorithms to normalize and compare LaTeX strings so that, if similar equations are written slightly differently, the outputs are normalized and matched. Thus, if you come …

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Theorem of the Day

Theorem of the Day is a neat website that regularly presents a different theorem (or lemma, formula, etc). It’ll keep you busy for a while and an archive of the theorems can be found here.

Sierpinski Cookies and Fractal Pizza

“Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories” made some Sierpinski cookies that look delicious! To learn how to make them, go visit their site. Mike (from another website) decided to make fractal pizza (the site gives a 404-error now, but here is an archived picture of it):