Cool Websites

Antarctica Journal of Mathematics

Wow!Take a look at the website for the “Antarctica Journal of Mathematics”. Reminds me of the websites that flooded the net back in the 90’s. Yup, those stars are supposed to be flashing!! Link to journal. Link to reddit discussion about it.

Math Christmas Links

Looking for some Christmas math humor? Here are some of the best links I have collected (along with excerpts): The Mathematics of Christmas (via Devlin’s Angle): “To keep the math simple, let’s assume that these 108 million stops are evenly distributed around the earth. That means Santa is faced with a mean distance between households …

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Bagel Links

This is pretty cool. This site tells you how to cut you bagel to make it look like: Try it out if you are geeky enough 😀 Someone else tried it on some other kind of pastry: But I can’t remember where I saw the second picture…

pi song

*Listening to the pi song* It loops. I’ve been listening to it for 7 hours now. I don’t know pi yet. But the song just recites the first x digits of pi over and over and over. I also don’t know x. I think this song is slowly killing me.

Download movies and shows for free

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This is a good application program to stream online films and shows from a single application that is a movie box app for android and ios devices. You can also use this awesome app on the pc windows system. Thanks to the movie box for this submission!

Bing does your math homework

Let (Microsoft’s search engine) do your math homework!! Typing”x^2 + 2x + 1 = 27″ into the search engine produced the two solutions above! Sweet.You may ask why/how? What’s behind this? The answer is… none other than… Wolfram|Alpha, and the recent deal they stuck with Microsoft.

Solving in Wolfram Alpha

If you want to solve an equation in WolframAlpha simply type: Solve 3×2+x-7=4x The neat thing here is that not only will WolframAlpha solve the equation, but it will also show you the steps!! Although, throwing in absolute values is going to confuse some of the students, since a lot of them don’t know that: …

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