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Math cheat sheets

People love to cheat at math for some reason (laziness? lack of understanding? failure to get help?)… anyways, here are some math cheat sheets you can use from different websites: The first one is about algebra, it has 23 pages filled with formulas: Algebra Notes The next one is much shorter about algebra again (4 …

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Cool game – 20 questions – and how it works

Twenty Questions is a popular game which encourages deductive reasoning. Usually, one person is chosen to be the answerer. That person chooses a subject but does not reveal this to the others. All other players are questioners. They each take turns asking a question which can be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No”. Lying …

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My favorite math blogs

This is a list of some of my favorite math blogs that I keep an eye on. 360 A Mathematics Study Log with Musings and Views BetterExplained Casting Out Nines Conceptis addict Concerns of Young Mathematicians Continuities f(t) God Plays Dice Good Math, Bad Math jd2718 Let’s play math! Math Concepts Explained Walking Randomly