Math Jokes

Quick math joke

Saw this joke on the xkcd forums today posed by Pippin: Two of my friends in math class today: “Dude, our slope is so undefined!” “Straight up, bro.” Spoiler hint: What is the slope of a horizontal straight line? Another one from that forum: Why don’t jokes work in base 8? Because 7 10 11.

How to prove it

Proof by vigorous handwaving:     Works well in a classroom or seminar setting. Proof by forward reference:     Reference is usually to a forthcoming paper of the author, which is often not as forthcoming as at first. Proof by funding:     How could three different government agencies be wrong? Proof by example:     The author …

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Hilarious Math Jokes

Q: What’s nutritious and commutes?An Abelian soup. Q: What’s hot, chunky, and acts on a polygon?Dihedral soup. Q: What’s sour, yellow, and equivalent to the axiom of choice?Zorn’s lemon. Q: What is brown, furry, runs to the sea, and is equivalent to the axiom of choice?Zorn’s lemming.Q: What do you get if you cross a …

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