Math Jokes

Best of MLIA

My Life Is Average (MLIA) is a site where you can submit average things that happened to you. Here are some of my favorites: Today, I got the results of a math test. One of the answers was (2, infinity), and on the side I wrote “and beyond!” I got extra credit. MLIA Today, we …

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Lord of the Rings Math

This is too good not to post! Someone made it and posted it on facebook and I saved it to my computer. I can’t seem to find the link to where it was posted though :-(.. and I can’t find any websites that have the image 🙁

Pizza Math

A well known math joke is the following: Question: If you have a cylinder with a raduis “z” and a height of “a”, then what is the volume? Answer: pizza Well, someone finally put it into picture format: I’m pretty sure that Jay Fallon created the image above, but I ended up seeing it on …

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A couple of math jokes

Practically every joke has a bar: The number twelve goes into a bar.. and he asks the server for a pint of beer. “Sorry, I can’t serve you,” says the server. “Why the heck not?!” asks the number twelve! “You’re under 18,” replies the server. Another one which may make sense to some mathematicians:– Several …

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