Math Limericks

Funny Math Limericks

There once was a number named pi
Who frequently liked to get high.
All he did every day
Was sitting in his room and play
With his imaginary friend named i.

There once was a number named e
Who took way too much LSD.
She thought she was great.
But that fact we must debate;
We know she wasn’t greater than 3.


A mathematician confided
That the M”Mobius band is one-sided
And you’ll get quite a laugh
If you cut one in half
‘Cause, it stays in one piece when divided.


A mathematician named Klein
Thought the M”Mobius band was divine
Said he: If you glue
The edges of two
You’ll get weird bottles like mine.


There was a young fellow named Fisk,
A swordsman, exceedingly brisk.
So fast was his action,
The Lorentz contraction
Reduced his rapier to a disk.


‘Tis a favorite project of mine
A new value of pi to assign.
I would fix it at 3
For it’s simpler, you see,
Than 3 point 1 4 1 5 9


Pi goes on and on and on …
And e is just as cursed.
I wonder: Which is larger
When their digits are reversed?


If (1+x) (real close to 1)
Is raised to the power of 1
Over x, you will find
Here’s the value defined:


Integral z-squared DZ
from 1 to the cube root of 3
times the cosine
of three pis over 9
equals log of the cube root of ‘e’.


A burlesque dancer, a pip
Named Virginia, could peel in a zip;
But she read science fiction
and died of constriction
Attempting a Moebius strip.


A conjecture both deep and profound
Is whether the circle is round;
In a paper by Erdo”s,
written in Kurdish,
A counterexample is found.


There once was a log named Lynn
Whose life was devoted to sin?
She came from a tree
Whose base was shaped like an e?
She’s the most natural log I’ve seen.


Math facts in colloquial statements

If you think that math isn’t a part of day to day life, think again while reading these amusing colloquial statements that encode math facts.

Can you hear the shape of a drum?

Take a map of wherever you are and lay it on the ground. There will be
exactly one point on the map that is directly above the point it
represents on the ground.

Complete disorder is impossible.

All primes are odd except 2, which is the oddest of all.

If it walks like a sphere and it quacks like a sphere then it is a sphere.

If you are walking between two policemen going to the same station, you will end up there, too.

A brain tangled enough to tackle itself must be too tangled to tackle.

After stirring a cup of coffee, at least one point will end up in the exact same position as it was before.

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