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Patch Notes 1.02a
“Mathematics will never be the same.”

Introducing Probability 2.0

  • Upgraded probability to include real numbers in the range from 0 to 2.
  • Switching in the monty hall problem is now the same as not switching.
  • Due to high demand, correlation now implies causation.

Graph Theory Features

  • Fixed glitch in the petersen graph so it is no longer a counter-example.
  • Support is no longer offered for hypergraphs.
  • Added a new color to the outdated 4-color theorem. We anticipate at least 7 colors available for planar graphs by patch 1.03.

Number Systems

  • Decimal notation will be phased out next patch. This should fix the long standing bug that 1 = 0.999…
  • Due to loneliness, the set of prime numbers now includes the number 1.
  • Complex numbers have been deemed no longer complex and will now be known as “easy numbers”.

Proof Changes

  • Proof by “reference to inaccessible literature” is no longer accessible.
  • A new “proof by picture” widget has been added for mac users.


  • Support has been added to allow division by 0 fixing the wormhole bug.


This is in a textbook:

calculus caution

The area of a washer is pi*R^2-pi*r^2, which you can simplify to pi*(R^2-r^2), but not to pi*(R-r)^2. No matter how tempting it is to make the latter simplification, it’s wrong. Don’t do it.