Dumb Math Fail

Math Sign Fail

What does stumulus mean? Anyone? Cricket… There are: 365.242199 days per year And multiplied by 2206 years gives: 365.242199 x 2206 = 805 724.291 Multiplied by $1,000,000 gives: $805, 724, 291, 000. Well, the guy is right. I’m definitely stumuled.

First Annual Special Mathlympics to be hosted by Canada in 2012

What is it?Special Mathlympics is an annual event with the main goal of stimulating interest and igniting passion in mathematics! Who can participate?The competition is open to people of all ages who are special (in the sense that they are mathematically challenged). When/where is it?On March 14th, 2010, the very first Special Mathlympics will take …

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FailAds.com is a site that has some funny pictures of advertisements. This particular one is someone looking for a math tudor: You can visit their site for a collection of other epic fail ads, funny pictures of Engrish, pwned, Tshirts, signs, magazine ads, instructions, packaging and lots more.

Calculator for grades K-3

This calculator is perfect for all those kindergartners who need to do some math… quoted from the website: “The TI-10 is perfect for the primary grades. It combines popular features of the TI-15 Explorerâ„¢, which makes it a unique tool for grades K-3. The TI-10’s comfortable, colorful design helps students find patterns in daily activities …

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Patricia Heaton has troubles with easy math

Patricia Heaton (from the tv show “Everybody Loves Raymond”), has a hard time on one incredibly easy question for $50,000 for charity on the Millionaire 10th Anniversary Celebration. The question is: If a euro is worth $1.50, five euros is worth what?a) thirty quartersb) fifty dimesc) seventy nickelsd) ninety pennies After five minutes of struggling, …

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