Funny Exam Answers

More funny exam answers…The first one is where a student answers “C” for every answer, but it was a true/false test so only answers “A” and “B” applied, LOL… see the remark from the prof below. Oh dear… Nice! 100%, gotta love it. Lovely circus picture! Okay, not math related but I love the tv …

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FailAds is a site that has some funny pictures of advertisements. This particular one is someone looking for a math tudor: You can visit their site for a collection of other epic fail ads, funny pictures of Engrish, pwned, Tshirts, signs, magazine ads, instructions, packaging and lots more.

how much does wolfram alpha cost?

So over on they were being big babies about the cost of the WolframAlpha iphone app. Although the website is free to use, asking Wolfram Alpha how much it costs gives:  See I don’t have an iphone, so the cost of the app doesn’t matter to me ^_^

Google suggest fail

This is just a small collection of some funny google suggestions. The first one is “how to make”… ummm… So I started off looking on tips on “how to find a job” but while typing that I got distracted and ended up surfing a bunch of websites on how to … This got me curious …

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Calculator for grades K-3

This calculator is perfect for all those kindergartners who need to do some math… quoted from the website: “The TI-10 is perfect for the primary grades. It combines popular features of the TI-15 Explorerâ„¢, which makes it a unique tool for grades K-3. The TI-10’s comfortable, colorful design helps students find patterns in daily activities …

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