Math Games


Mark Rayner’s variant on rock-paper-scissors! Monkey * Monkey fools Ninja * Monkey unplugs Robot Suggested noise: ee-ee-eek! Robot * Robot chokes Ninja * Robot crushes Zombie Suggested noise: ex-ter-min-ate! Pirate * Pirate drowns Robot * Pirate skewers Monkey Suggested noise: arrrrr! Ninja * Ninja karate chops Pirate * Ninja decapitates Zombie Suggested noise: keeee-ah! Zombie …

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The game of Munch

See if you can figure out the optimal strategy in this neat game. The rules are simple, whoever eats the poisoned apple (red one) loses. It was created by Philip Brocoum. Click below to go to the game:

Icosien (game)

This is a neat game – it’s called Icosien. If you know graph theory then essentially the goal of the game is to draw a Eulerian path (a path that visits each edge exactly once) in the given graph.

Four color game In this game the goal is to fill in the pieces with at most 4 colors. Two pieces that touch can’t share the same color. The game is mathematically interesting since the Four Color Theorem says that for any such ‘map’, four colors is enough.