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Words from Obama

Words from President Obama: Highlights: Education in math and science is important. Obama committed to moving country from middle to top of the pack in math education. “Thank you. I am extraordinarily excited to have you all here today. […] finally, allow me to thank the many leaders here today who have agreed be part …

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Mathematical modelling: online guilds vs street gangs

As pointed out in this boing boing post, the paper titled “Human group formation in online guilds and offline gangs driven by a common team dynamic” discusses how the structure of online guilds can be modeled using the same mathematical models as street gangs. “Massively multiplayer online games typically allow individuals to spontaneously form, join, …

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Mobius shoe

This website is selling a mobius shoe: Neato!! They also have mobius boots apparently. Combine it with my pair of pants and my Whitney umbrella, then I’ll really be styling!!